October 14 - 18, 2022
Conference venue: Sembrando Pensamiento Científico, Santiago de los Caballeros 51000, Dominican Republic

This is the first version of the international conference of GRACIA math network. We invite researchers, graduate students (PhD and MSc.) students to deliver a 20 minutes talk in any of the following topics:

  • Group Theory and Applications to Physics,
  • Relativity, Mathematical and Numerical Analysis,
  • Algebras and applications to Physics,
  • Combinatorics and applications to Physics,
  • Integrability, Orthogonal Polynomials and Mathematical Physics,
  • Arithmetic and applications to Physics,
  • Didactics in Mathematics and Physics.

The scope of the International Conference on Groups, Relativity, Algebras, Combinatorics, Integrability and Arithmetic  IC-GRACIA 2022  is to provide a gathering for scientists, researchers, scholars, academicians and specialists around the world to present talks and papers on recent developments and trends in the fields of Groups, Relativity, Algebras, Combinatorics, Integrability and Arithmetic, as well their interactions with Physics and Didactics. 

The main aim of IC-GRACIA 2022 is to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange innovative and novel results (theoretical and applications to physics), share experiences in research, didactics, etc. We also invite academic professionals from around the world in the fields of orthogonal polynomials, numerical analysis to discuss and exchange ideas in the areas of world’s great importance as mathematical techniques to solve problems arising from Physics such as string theory, symmetries, quantum field theory, etc. 

The conference also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the above fields. IC-GRACIA 2022 will be organized by Sembrando Pensamiento Científico jointly with GRACIA mathematical network and it is sponsored by several institutes and universities in the Dominican Republic. 

IC-GRACIA 2022 will be held from 14 – 18, October 2022. The conference will be virtual. Participation is free for speakers due to the nature of the GRACIA mathematical network (http://gracia.spcweb.com.do/). The conference will be held live on youtube. Speakers should record their talks in a Youtube private link.

Last date for abstract submission is October 10 2022.

Last date for the sending of the Youtube link of the talk is October 12 2022.

See the direction links for the Morressier platform and abstracts submission: 

Send abstracts filling the form: https://www.morressier.com/call-for-abstracts/IC-GRACIA-2022

All the registered and accepted speakers of IC-GRACIA 2022 can submit at most two papers that only with favorable review process will be published in the IOP Conference Series: Journal of Physics Conferences Series (a conference proceedings journal) which is indexed in Scopus.

Deadline for submission of papers:  10 November 2022

Fees for submissions (each paper)

200 USD – From September 15 to 18 October 2022

240 USD – From October 19 to 10 November 2022

See the link to submit papers:

For further details concerning the conference write to: yperez@spcweb.com.do; gracia@spcweb.com.do

For further details concerning the submission of papers write to: macosta@spcweb.com.do; info@spcweb.com.do


Yermy M. Pérez F.                                               Manuel F. Acosta H.

Coordinator                                                         Guest Editor

IC-GRACIA 2022                                                  IOP & IC-GRACIA 2022

Email: yperez@spcweb.com.do                           Email: macosta@spcweb.com.do

Whatsapp: +1 (829) 339-1637                             Whatsapp: +57 (350)348-4403